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Art Fabrication and Casting

The Big New's art fabrication department specializes in developing and producing complex, technically challenging, and ambitious sculptural projects for leading contemporary artists. We are a full-service foundry and art fabrication company that takes high-level projects from conceptual development through to complete project management, casting, assembly, and finishing.

Project Development and Management

At The Big New, we work with a team of leading industry specialists and offer scanning, digital sculpting, CNC milling, 3D printing prototypes and PMMA - direct burnout, integrated with molding, lost wax casting, fabrication, complex engineering, certified welding and all levels of painting and finishing. Regardless of size or status, we apply the same level of professional rigor and exacting standards to every sculptural project.

Artists and Recent Projects:


Tony Matelli 

Robert Moreland 

Sterling Ruby 

Devin Troy Strother