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The Big New is a premier contemporary art fabrication and film production company. We work with leading contemporary artists to realize their visionary and technically demanding contemporary art projects. Our film production department specializes in original films that reveal the inner workings of the artists we work with. We offer complete art fabrication, film and foundry services, specializing in the development and management of complex projects that incorporate bronze and stainless-steel casting, film production, digital and 3D prototype production, engineering, large-scale assembly, and the full spectrum of painting and finishing services.



Art Fabrication & Bronze Casting

The Big New's art fabrication department specializes in developing and producing complex, technically challenging, and ambitious sculptural projects for leading contemporary artists. We are a full-service foundry and art fabrication company that takes high-level projects from conceptual development through to complete project management, casting, assembly, and finishing.


Our film production services specialize in artist focused, conceptually rich projects. We conduct in-depth examinations of contemporary artists' work through innovative documentary films. Our approach emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, involving contemporary artists, designers, musicians, and filmmakers to foster greater cross-disciplinary collaboration. Utilizing high-level production capabilities and cutting-edge technology, we ensure a technically sophisticated film production that meets the highest industry standards. Count on us for practical and effective solutions in bringing your creative vision to the screen.


We excel in applying urethane paint finishes, addressing a broad spectrum of project requirements. Our approach involves the utilization of UV maps, vinyls, and meticulous surface preparation techniques to achieve precise and detailed finishes. To guarantee project success, we implement multi-stage client review and approval processes. This ensures alignment with project specifications and exceeds client expectations, emphasizing our commitment to delivering results that satisfy your vision. When it comes to the execution of paint application and clear coat sealing, we employ precision and versatility. Our team utilizes a diverse range of painting systems, chosen strategically to achieve exceptional results. Trust us for expert urethane paint finishes that stand out for their quality and attention to detail


Discover our Editions service where we collaborate with artists to create limited edition sculptures. These exclusive pieces are released on our global e-commerce platform, making them accessible to collectors worldwide. Leveraging our extensive experience and top-tier expertise, we prioritize maintaining the highest levels of quality throughout the production process. Additionally, our efficient logistics ensure that these unique sculptures are promptly shipped to collectors, providing a seamless experience for art collectors around the globe.

Project Management

We specialize in custom project development and managemnet utilizing our network of industry-leading specialists and leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver optimum project outcomes. Our proficiency extends to 3D scanning, digital sculpting, CNC milling, and advanced 3D printing techniques. With extensive experience in direct burnout processes, integrated with precision molding and lost wax casting. We work with key partners to provide complex engineering solutions tailored to project requirements, ensuring both structural integrity and aesthetic excellence. Trust us for high-level project development and management services that combine innovation with technical expertise.